Tatyana's Healing  Arts Alliance, LLC

'' I first tried Reiki out of curiosity and with no prior knowledge and expectations. My impression after the first session was a feeling of deep relaxation during the session, followed by a general sense of well-being, which stayed with me for the reminder of the day. I generally tend to fall asleep during sessions, but the relaxing feeling certainly goes beyond what would be expected from just taking a mid-day nap. The effect is most pronounced on the days when I come in feeling anxious or overwhelmed ; the pre- and post-session contrast on those days is really striking. I have been seeing Tatyana once a week for a several month now, and I believe there is a long-term effect as well. I definitely feel more grounded and balanced now than I have felt in years." 


 "​Tatyana is a wonderful healer. She uses hypnotherapy to heal her clients or whatever is keeping them from living the life they want. I went to Tatyana to take away my nervousness while public speaking. This uncomfortable feelings was interfering with my ability to convey the message to the audience. In just a few sessions with hypnotherapy Tatyana changed my life, healing me at the deepest levels of my subconsciousness and instilling confidence and strength that goes beyond public speaking. The fears that held me back are gone! Thank you Dr. Tatyana 



" I want to share my experience with everyone because I know how difficult it may be finding a good acupuncturist. I have been through many Acupuncturists in the state of WA and nobody compares to the incredible results I experienced through Dr.Tatyana's sessions. I have been going for Acupuncture several months now to relieve my anxiety issues. The office is at a convenient location and the atmosphere is so relaxing. Tatyana is so concerned about healing every patient; she is compassionate and very thoughtful. With my anxiety I have experienced pain in my back, chest, ribs, and felt like there was no solution, till I started my process with natural healing. My anxiety is almost gone and pain is virtually not existent. I would recommend Tatyana's Acupuncture to every friend and family member I have."

​                                                                                                                     David.

" Dr.Tatyana is a valued member of my healing team. I see her weekly for acupuncture treatments. I have stage 4 metastatic cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatmnets in addition to naturopathic and alternative medical treatments. Dr. Tatyana boost my immune system, strengthens and balances my chi, and supports my organs with detoxification. At the beginning of each sessions, she takes my pulse and examines my tongue to determine what that day's sessions will benefit most from. I trust her judgment in this process implicitly as I feel dramatically better after each session. 

Even if I don't feel anything specific is wrong, I come away feeling so much better. I feel so much more able to fight my fight against cancer and protect myself from the toxic western medicine ravaging my body. Yesterday I was feeling awful, the poisons had damaged the lining of my gastro-intestinal tract and I had been unable to digest or eliminate food for days. After Dr. Tatyana's treatment, I not only felt systematically better, well-rested and infused with new energy, I was able to eat and digest normally. 

In addition to being a very effective acupuncturist, Dr. Tatyana is a very caring and nurturing healer. Her tenderness and commitment to her patients and her intuitive and empathetic understanding of their health challenges are a rare and valuable combination."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kaiulani Schuler

" Tatyana has helped me deal with several health issues during my appointments. She looks at the big picture and works to find the root of an issue as well as helping with all symptoms. I always find my visits to be a very relaxing experience and leave feeling better. I would highly recommend her." 


" Tatyana was a senior at Bastyr when I had the good fortune to meet her at the school. I could sense from the first moment that she was someone very special. At the end of the series of acupuncture treatments I asked her If I could follow her and she told me she was a massage therapist . For the past year I have going to Tatyana on a regular basis for acupuncture and massage therapy. Never have I had the same treatment twice, she is exceptionally gifted at reading your body and knowing exactly how to help you so completely. my body is not young anymore and I ask a lot from it so I usually need help. I have discovered acupuncture works much better than western medicine on me and then to back it up with her massage keeps me in wonderful health. Tatyana has found her calling in life for sure. To me (and I do not use these 

words lightly) she is beyond an excellent acupuncturist but Healer! Forever grateful to have found her. 

                                                                                                               Shirley Putnam.

" I have followed Tatyana from her training at Bastyr University to her professional private practice. She is a consummate professional and gifted healer. The massage and acupuncture treatments have been very therapeutic and are helping me tremendously as I have much work through, from two hip replacements to the grief and loss from losing my mother recently. The treatments are custom designed to help with individual needs, listening and caring compassion are so important. I receive this and more as she is an intuitive healer. It is blessing that I found her, and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone wishing to holistically improve their well being/quality of life."

                                                                                                                Vickie, Mukilteo