Tatyana's Healing  Arts Alliance, LLC

Reiki is a well known healing modality that originated in the end of 19th century in Japan. Reiki energy healing helps both the body and mind reach their deepest levels of relaxation while at the same time re-charges our natural inner battery while boosting the body's original ability to restore and regenerate. The practitioner will transmit Reiki energy to the client through the hands. Hands can be placed lightly on or near the body in different positions. 

Client's description of what they feel while Reiki is being performed:

  • Warm waves travel through the body

  • Body feeling heavy as it relaxes

  • Emotions and spirit feeling light

  • Easy to breath

  • negative feelings or thoughts leaving, and the client feeling more positive

  • Feeling of well-being

  • Pain is decreasing 

  • Person can fall to sleep and wake up light-hearted


Self Reiki 

Dr. Tatyana can explain in a simple way how to perform self Reiki. That will help you learn how to relax, reduce your stress level, anxiety, easily fall to sleep,  boost energy level.