Tatyana's Healing  Arts Alliance, LLC

Dear Dr. Johnson,
Thank you very much for your services. Your weight loss program does wonders. It helped me lose 20 lb within 2 months period without suffering or feeling food-deprived.  Now that I am 155 lb, the weight I was 20 years ago, I feel like I can fly and do anything.
Thanks to your Neuro-linguistic Programming, I have overcome some emotional issues, which held me back before with my binge eating. 
 Dr. Johnson, you are a great inspiration and example of beautiful intelligent and spiritual woman we are looking up to. I would recommend your services to anybody who needs to reach physical and emotional well-being.
Thank you again for your work. May your dreams come true! May Fire Monkey bring a successful year for you and your family.

                                                                                             L.C. Kirkland

Do you want to lose 15-20 pounds in two months? Detox your body?

We find that people go through life with desires to lose weight then go through the "downs and ups" literally as they try one plan after another.  Would you like to try a plan that is uniquely different? Then consider starting a comprehensive plan with us.

This program will teach you how to lose then maintain your healthy weight. We use an individual approach considering your age, gender, constitution, medical conditions and physical limitations.                                                                 We support your goals through the use of these methods which are tailored to you.

-- Acupuncture

-- Reiki

-- Hypnotherapy

-- Coaching ( direct contact with Dr. Tatyana)

-- Nutritional guidelines (eastern medicine based)

- Purification and detoxification Product kit from Standart Process( dairy free available).

Package A - Please call  for price 


Duration 2 months: Benefits patients with stubborn weight loss issues, need to lose more than 15 -20 pounds, chronic health problems, high-stress life, past weight loss program experience but losses regained, never detoxed before. Appointment includes any of the following dependent on needs at a time of treatment: Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Guided Meditation. 

Initial consultation with detailed health history intake and exam 90 to 120 min
2-3 weeks of guided preparation for 21 days detox
3 treatments per week -50 min each from one of the following:  Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy based on Neurolinguistics’ Programming, Reiki, Meditation
Dietary advice according to nontraditional natural medicine. Weight monitoring. Self-technique for managing stress.
The Standard Process 21 –day Purification, Detox Kit dairy free.

Package B –Two months


Same as package A, except two visits per week, not three.

Package C- 24-day weight loss challenge- cleanse. 425-785-1817 

Includes :

  • acupuncture or hypnotherapy treatment of your choice,  twice a week with comprehensive health history intake and exam. 

  • Dietary advice

  • Shine Fitness free two weeks pass with the Strategy session and participation in small group training.

Please make an appointment with Dr. Tatyana.  We will go over your goals, health history, lifestyle and physical activities to make a plan for you and your new life path.  Call or text: 425-785-1817